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  1. VUCKO says:


  2. leo69 says:

    this is one sick, sick, sick movie, but it is not shit movie, movie is great but it will make you sick.
    it is not for everybody. i cant see it one more time

  3. cucko says:

    how can i watch this movie, if there are no surveys in my country?

  4. Boorek Admin says:

    what is your country?

  5. At first, i was shocked with this movie, now that feeling is gone. Movie is not bad, but its only purpose was to shock audience. I watched some videos on youtube with movie director explaining that movie is about life in serbia. I think he is one tiny bit full of shit!

  6. Zarg von Medjelek says:

    Prvo, ovaj film nema ama bas nikakve veze sa zivotom u Srbiji! drugo, film nije sranje, ali mislim da ne treba ovakva “sranja” da nose ime jedne casne drzave kao sto je Srbija…mislime da je ovo deo anti srpske kampanje…tako da AVE SERBIA!!!!

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