Ok Gamers, we are starting with some Facebook games that are very popular: FarmVille , Mafia Wars & Zoo World


Ok, you are addicted to farming on Facebook, that is cool, it is nice to live together with mother Earth, even in virtual world. Here are some things that will help you with being perfect farmer.

Spreadsheet – This contains all the known items (bought or gifts), and any info regarding experience points, profit (total per crop and daily average), the animals, buildings, etc.

Crop Calculator – Use this to calculate crop times.

Here is Crops Profit Scheme (click to enlarge)


Tip for quick leveling in Farmville: Just one word, soybean! How? Why?

To get started you will need 10 plots that are empty or need to be plowed. Calculate how much money you will need to plant what you really want to harvest, such as watermelons that take 4 days to harvest but sell for 348 FarmVille coins. You will not planting watermelons right away in these plots so be patient, reserve 1300 FarmVille coins for seeds planting and 150 coins for plowing those future watermelon plots.

To start this FarmVille cheat that really works, plow your 10 plots and buy soybeans. It will cost 150 coins to plow and 150 coins to plant soybeans, but delete those plot using the shovel tool immediately after seeds have been planted.

Now you might wonder why you should delete FarmVille plots in order to gain experience level points, but plowing and planting soybeans will gain you 30 points on those 10 plots. You can repeat this cheat process, each time it will cost 300 FarmVille coins in order plow and plant, then delete using the shovel. You will see your FarmVille experiences quickly rising and coming closer to the next level where your ultimate goal is. After you have accumulated all the wanted experiences and gained a new level, you can plant the exact seeds that you wanted to buy. Experience level FarmVille cheat can be done as quickly as you can plow, plant and delete. You can even expedite the process by using your harvester, tractor and seeder if you already have them.

Getting Unlimited Gifts On FarmVille Cheat

The best FarmVille cheat that will get you free coins is sending multiple gifts from one Facebook account. You can ask a friend or a family member that is already playing FarmVille to help you out with this. Return the favor by sending multiple gifts to them on FarmVille using the same trick. In order to use this trick to get more coins fast you will need to use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer.

Login to Facebook and go to Farmville, then click on Free Gifts. Instead of selecting and sending the item right away, right click on the button Free Gifts and select “Open in new window”. Continue doing so until you have several windows opened. I have tested this FarmVille trick with up to 10 windows opened at the same time. Do it late at night or early in the morning, when Facebook is less busy and you will not get error messages in the browser.

On each window, select gifts and you can select a different gift to give in each browser. Then select your FarmVille friends. Again you can select different users in each browser to send gifts to using this cheat. Continue to the window of confirming to Send free gift to FarmVille friends. Click on confirm and Send button one after one, and each window will send out that gift. This trick is also called unlimited gift cheat, as you can open up as many windows as your computer can handle as long as they are opened at the same time, and confirmation is done once all of the opened windows are at the confirm to send option.

Friends and family can send you unlimited gifts on FarmVille the same way or you can open up a fake Facebook account to send yourself gifts to. Facebook though does not always appreciate fake users, due to the fear of spamming, so sharing this trick with FarmVille buddies works best to get unlimited gifts every day.

Zoo World

“To request Bottles/Pacifiers from your friends :) Share”
Mon at 7:31pm
1. Find your Facebook ID by clicking your Zoo Help Page ( Written in Red Font)

2. Copy the link below

Bottles :


3.Locate XXXXXXXXXX it appears twice in the above link…REPLACE it with YOUR facebook ID #. “senderId” and “user_referrID” have to be your ID not the xxx.

4. Paste the new link in the your status and now ask people to click it. It will tell them that they can’t claim the gift, but you will be sent one and you can send them back then.

My Zoo – Achievements

The My zoo game uses has a series of levels you level up by completing “Achievements”.  I have completed all the available levels and list the achievements here. It can be a big help to plan ahead and I wish I had this when I was on level 5 or so.  I also have included some tips after the list that will help with completing the achievements. Please note I have not spent any money on the game yet so the animals that take Wildlife dollars arent included here, I did have a few gifted to me along the way. I did update the list on 1-25-10.

Note: I get allot of comments on changes to the game and will update the list as changes are verified.  There are two things to remember

  1. The levels will change as the game develops. Since I have been playing they have doubled the number of species available, tripled the number of trainable animals and added new trees, sculptures and topiaries. Expect changes in the levels and if you see one please post here or my blog so we can keep it updated.
  2. It is possible for two players to see different things at the same time. The game is available in Facebook and Myspace and it also plays across several applications.  It is entirely possible that two players could see differences at the same time.during changes. There are two very good examples of this.
  • The pot bellied pig was only available in the application Rock You for several months.   At the same time one player could be in Rock you and be able to gift the pig; another could be in birthday cards and not have the pig available.  In time this was fixed but it does cause some issues among players and made the pig very popular.
  • Currently there are marmots out there that were only released for a very short time. They are spreading thru trading and breeding effort but are not available for sale or on the feed as of 2/19/10.  This is like the Red Ukarari and Ocelot which were on the feed then went away and are back now.  So one player could have animals that are not available to another.

What is important to remember is that is that this game is in my opinion one of the best managed and written free game out there.  There are glitches at times but they get them fixed.  Players that you can trust to trade with are good to have and there no sense in arguing about simple things in the game. If you are seeing different things find out how the other player is accessing the game and trade notes.

My top two tips:

1: Start training your eagles and swifts early this is a very boring and expensive task best done in short doses.

2: Save the wildlife points and buy one of the trees that produces them. Once you finish the levels you will have no more source of points. So a tree will keep you going.

The language of the game is confusing here are some definitions that may help:

  • Unique Species: This is each animal that has its own picture, cage and zookeepers. These are what you see when you go into buy or gift.
  • Animals –  These are individual animals.

Lets say you have ten penguins; here is how they count for the tasks:

  • Get XX Unique species – The penguin counts as 1 unique species (One picture,cage ect)
  • House XX Animals –  now all ten penguins count because it says animals.

In my case Im not buying any wildlife points I collected about 50 thru game play and chose to spend them on a map to increase my visitor count.  looking back I wish I would have bought one of the trees that produces wildlife points. The reason is that once you finish the levels there is no more supply of wildlife points.

Here is the achievement list:

Level 1

  • Visit Your Zoo

Level 2

  • Buy an Animal
  • Recruit or purchase one zookeeper
  • View Your Report Card
  • Purchase a vet

Level 3

  • Purchase 1 kiosk
  • Hire Kiosk Manager
  • Buy 1 breeding house
  • Start breeding a Bald Eagle

Level 4

  • Purchase 1 small tree
  • Shake your tree for money

Level 5

  • Make a daily profit of $1030.00
  • Visit the wildlife fund
  • Change your Ticket Price to $2.00
  • Get back some of the cash you started with ($3000.00)

Level 6

  • Get 1025 visitors in one zoo day
  • Hire a maintenance manager
  • Buy 3 more small trees for your zoo
  • Purchase 2 kiosks

Level 7

  • Make a daily profit of $1050.00
  • Get 1030 visitors in one zoo day
  • Buy 5 Big trees for your zoo
  • Have at least $5000.00 cash

Level 8

  • Buv a welcome sign
  • Make a daily profit of $ 700.00
  • Visit a friend (optional)
  • Get a friend to visit you (optional)

Level 9

  • Buy a restroom
  • Get 20 common animals
  • Finish breeding your Bald Eagle
  • Change your ticket price to $4

Level 10

  • Purchase 4 food kiosks
  • Make a daily profit of $1500
  • Get 1050 visitors in one zoo day
  • Buy and build a parking lot

Level 11

  • Have at least $8000 cash
  • House 35 animals in your zoo
  • Train your Eagle to do 1 Trick  (Was train you animals to do 2 tricks)
  • Buy a total of 8 small trees

Level 12

  • Make a daily profit of $2500
  • Get 35 animals for your zoo (the 35 from level 11 do not count)
  • Buy or get gifted 10 Unique species
  • Purchase 7 kiosks

Level 13

  • Get 1070 visitors in one zoo day
  • Get 55 animals for your zoo (should be done)
  • Buy 10 small mammals

Level 14

  • Get five rare species
  • Visit 2 friends (optional)

Level 15

  • Get a total of 15 big trees for your zoo
  • Get 5 reptiles

Level 16

  • Have at least $15000 cash
  • Get 1300 visitors in one zoo day

Level 17

  • Buy 16 small mammals
  • Hire a total of 9 Maintenance Managers
  • Purchase a total of 20 kiosks
  • Visit 2 friends (optional)

Level 18

  • 40 unique species
  • House 80 animals in your zoo
  • Get 5 insects or Arachnids
  • Make a daily profit of $16000

Level 19

  • Buy a total of 30 big trees for your zoo
  • Get 2500 visitors in one zoo day
  • Train 2 tricks ( was 3 ( 2/10)
  • Get 30 large mammals

Level 20

  • Breed 4 medium animals
  • Buy a total of 4 restrooms

Level 21

  • Get 2700 visitors in one zoo day
  • House 90 animals in your zoo

Level 22

  • Buy a total of 3 animal hospitals
  • Have at least $600,000 cash
  • Noahs Ark Get 2 of every species you own
  • Get 20 rare animals

Level 23

  • Get 10 primates
  • Get 60 unique species
  • Get 3000 visitors in one zoo day
  • Buy a total of 45 big trees for your zoo

Level 24

  • Have at least $1,000,000 Cash
  • Get 15 amphians
  • Get 25 birds
  • Purchase a total of 6 vets

Level 25

  • Breed 6 medium animals
  • Get 3900 Visitors in one zoo day
  • Buy total of 7 restrooms
  • Have at least $3,000,000 in cash

Level 26

  • Get 70 unique species
  • House 200 animals in your zoo
  • Breed 2 hard animals
  • Get 30 aquatic animals

Level 27

  • Buy a total of 40 small trees for your zoo
  • Get 75 unique species
  • Have at least $4,000,000 cash
  • House 300 animals in your zoo

Level 28

  • Get 4400 visitors in one zoo day
  • Breed 4 hard animals
  • Have at least $6,000,000 cash
  • Get 100 unique species

Level 29

  • House 500 animals in your zoo
  • Get 25 reptiles
  • Have at least $15,000,000 cash
  • Breed 2 expert animals

Level 30

  • Buy a total of 60 Big trees for your zoo
  • Train 3 tricks ( was 4)
  • Have at least $25,000,000 Cash
  • Get 5500 visitors in one zoo day

Level 31

  • Breed 6 expert animals
  • Have at least $28,000,000 cash
  • Get 50 birds
  • Get 30 primates

Level 32

  • Make a daily profit of $65000
  • Three’s a company: Get at least 3 of every species you own
  • Train 5 tricks
  • Breed 10 expert animals

Level 33

  • Have at least $35,000,000 cash
  • Purchase a total of 30 kiosks
  • Get 6500 visitors in one zoo day
  • Get 4 of each species you own (was 5  3/10)

Level 34

  • Get 6800 visitors in one zoo day
  • Hire total of 75 Maintenance Managers
  • Train your animal to do 4 tricks (was6 2/10)
  • Have at least $45,000,000 cash  (was 60)

Level 35

  • Purchase a total of 15 Vets
  • Have at least $70,000,000 cash.
  • Get 7000 Visitors in one zoo day.
  • Get 100 small mammals

Level 36

  • Get 100 aquatic animals
  • Get 7500 visitors in one zoo day
  • Make a daily profit of $75,000
  • Have at least 60 kiosks

Level 37

  • Hire a total of 100 maintenance managers
  • Get 7700 visitors in one zoo day (was 8000)
  • Have at least $85,000,000 cash
  • Breed 15 expert animals

Level 38

  • Have at least $100,000,000 Cash
  • Get 4 of every species you own (May be 5***)
  • Train your animals to do 5 tricks (was 8 Same as 40 should change soon)
  • Get 8 of each animal Wildebeest, spotted Hyena, Zebra,Lion,African Elephant,and Giraffe.

*** This one has caused a stir I have reviewed several screenshots and this does change from 4 to 5.  In addition level 33 requires 5 so it looks like a typo. When I went thru I had 5 of each when I completed level 33, by the time i got to 38 many new species had been added and I didnt have 4 of each of them so had to breed and buy to complete this achievement .

Level 39

  • Get 8000 visitors in one day. (was 9000)
  • Get 10 of each Parking Lot, Bench, Trash Can and Restroom.
  • Get 6 of each Rain Forest dweller Blue and Yellow Mackaw, Cheetah, Scarlet Mackaw, Monkey, Tree Frog and Sundra Loris.
  • Get 5 of each Junk Food Stands: Cotton Candy , Ice Cream Stand, French Fries and Pretzel Stand.

Level 40

  • Get 4 of each Vet, animal Hospital, Breeding Hospital.
  • Have at least $125,000,000.
  • Train your animals to do 5 Tricks. (was 10 2/10)
  • Get 7 of each Sting Ray, Octopus, Blue Whale, Dolphin and Orca.

Level 41

  • Get 8500 Visitors (was 9700)
  • Get some entertainment  – 7 each of the following Safari Show, fish feeding, Hot Air Baloon,helicopter ride.
  • Train you animals to do 6 tricks (was 12 –  2/10)
  • Artic Adventure get 8 of each Emeror Penguin, Polar Bear,Artic Fox.

Level 42

  • Have at least 130,000,000 Cash (was 150)
  • Buy a total of 100 Big Trees
  • Get 9000 Visitors in one zoo day (was 10500)

After completing level 42 there is no gift, no fanfare just this graphic:

Recently this note was added there are no tasks listed for achieving level 43. Hopefully we will see more soon.

After these levels the game changes and you go to a system where you feed treats to your animals for experience points I have a quick article on that system at http://www.bukisa.com/articles/270833_zoo-world-tips-feeding-treats-which-is-best

In looking at the list there are some common tasks I’ll break them down as follows and share what I have learned so far.

  1. Buy or Purchase Tasks – The only thing to watch if if the task says buy 10 trees you buy 10 trees – Others will say buy a total of 10 trees in that case just buy enough to get to ten.
  2. Get or House Tasks :
  • Look for opportunities to complete two tasks at once – for example you may be working on “Get 35 animals for your zoo” look ahead there may be something like “get ten primates” the primates will count for both tasks.
  • For the tasks asking you to “get XX number of visitors”  you need to get more animals to draw people to your zoo. This is another opportunity to shop ahead and try to complete tasks that are coming up. The real tip here is to go to your home page and change your ticket price to $1.00; that will show the maximum amount of visitors for a day. Just remember to put it back after you complete the achievement, it only needs to go to $1.00 long enough to increase the visitor count.

3. Have tasks – The only shortcut I know here is to make this the last task on one level and the first on the next.  Look at level 30 you need $25,000 when you get you will level up and need $28,000 for level 31 so you only had to save another 3,000 to complete the first task on the next level.

4. Hire or Make tasks – these are straight forward but one thing to consider is that every Kiosk needs a manager.

5. Train tasks – This is boring and expensive task to complete, I wish I would have started training earlier. I try to remember to hit the train button every time I sign in.  The eagle,peregrine falcon and swift are the only trainable ones I have so far. Get an eagle early and start training him it will pay off later.

6. Visit Tasks – These are mostly optional and very easy tasks. The game is more social than it looks at first so this a good idea and you’ll make money from visiting other zoos and for each visitor you get. For the visit the wildlife fun task you dont need to spend any money just go check it out.

7.Breed Tasks – This is another one that it pays to start early on. Bred animals count for the other tasks as well as this one. Here is a list of the animals I have bred and their difficulty level.

This article has a list of all the breedable animals sorted by breeding time with the difficulty levels:


How many of what will you need is a trick Question But here is an srticle that outlines what I had when I finished



You love to play Mafia Wars but it takes time? Did you ever tried any Grease Monkey script?
What you need?

First, you need to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser

Second, you need to install Grease Monkey Add-On

And third, you nedd to install Mafia Wars Autoplayer script for GM

And that is it! Go to Mafia Wars game on Facebook. In upper right corner you will see settings for script. Fill actions as you wish and just click Resume.
Now you can do something else and your game will play by it self!


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