Most Wanted Movies In Three Months of 2010.

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Dear Boorek Movies Fans, by looking at statistics for first 3 months of 2010 these movies are most watched on Boorek Movies Watching. Remember that we are always looking for best video quality available at the moment, so sometimes movie is cam but as soon as we get better copy we do quality upload, so always check for fresh uploads.
And please, if you see that movie is not available anymore use
“[!] Report if something is wrong”  to let us know so we can make new upload.


  1. yurix34 says:

    How come that almighty Avatar is not on top statistics?

  2. Boorek Admin says:

    i think it is due to fact that link for avatar was broken and we didnt notice that, no one reported that. but now is ok, now we have even better copy of avatar for watching!

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