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  1. Danijel says:

    thank you for such a quick upload, i was waiting for this movie long time

  2. Snatrimo says:

    finally, and one day before premiere in my hometown, quality is great!

  3. Lozert says:

    hobbit is best movie of all times! you have great quality here. thank you

  4. Njihala23 says:

    odličan film, kvalitet vrhunski, pozdrav iz Srbije

  5. Bedoo says:

    so happy to find this movie on your site, i am big lotr fan so this is BiBle to me

  6. Lorenzzo says:

    not opening for my country , can you please help me

  7. Lorenzzo says:

    edit: now it is working, i had wrong number to start player

  8. Bilbo says:

    oo thank you so much, i really wanted to see this movie, you have best quality online

  9. malimish says:

    Pozdrav iz Beograda i puno hvala na vrhunskom kvalitetu. Strava vam je sajt, baš extra

  10. anomaliederta says:

    thank you sooo much

  11. dera says:

    o thank you so much

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