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  1. shady says:


  2. Anthony says:

    Perfect, now i wonder what will be different in final version. I hope that they will leave great sex/death scene!
    Best saga of all times

  3. Amanda N says:

    This is going to be best movie ever made. Some scenes are going to be different but i hope they leave it as it is.
    That scene with fire looks great.

  4. GiNieY says:

    OWSOme mOvIE eVeR made

  5. Nency Hellter says:

    I am from usa and this is very fast stream, thank you so much for this! I loved it. My best movie of all times

  6. Mark Dewonzy says:

    I am guy and i love this saga, and i am not gay so it is movie for everybody!

  7. Ivonne says:

    I found video on yt that linked to this page, and movei is really leaked, great stuff. cant wait for final version

  8. Dierch Fluscher says:

    Thank you from Germany for this great relase! Keep up good work m8

  9. Timbre Goluou says:

    Best regards from Africa, great movie this will be, hope they will change death scene, i cried like litlle baby

  10. Minja Glecher says:

    Thans a lot, was waiting for this for very long time

  11. Donney Ruperta says:

    wow, this was great, thanks very much for this

  12. Sonja Biza says:

    Thanks thanks thanks!!!

  13. Bubregy Loya says:

    Thanks to uploader for this press release, i love you

  14. Nicole Londey says:

    I live in New York and your site is great, streams are very fast and all of your stuff is in hd

  15. Damien Smith says:

    Great, thanks

  16. Sonja says:

    This work i signed up and everything is open for me

  17. Anonymous says:

    wtf hd is working great

  18. Jitendra Singh says:

    Thanks…This Movie I Must Say…Just Awesome And A Blockbuster Movie…
    Really, This Movie Oh My God…just Superb!!!!!!!!!
    Love You Twilight Series…
    I want to Be Contuie More Parts Of the Movie..

  19. John says:

    greeeeeeeat, thank you so much

  20. DuRoi says:


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