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Hello Travian Freaks,

we know that you already know all about basics of Travian game. Here we will help you to play game easier and with more fun. (and with more free time) We must start with something basic, so first just few quick info about 3 different tribes in Travian. After that we will give you few scripts to start playing as pro, without using gold/money. And if you are aware enough you may even find hidden hack for free gold in Travian.


The Romans

The Roman empire is the easiest for newcomers to Travian. Because of their significant social and technological developments, the Romans are the masters of building coordination, and their troops are the Travian elite.
They are relatively decent in both attack and defense. To get this versatility, however, they must go through a long and expensive training. Their infantry is legendary, but their defense against cavalry is the lowest of all the tribes.
For beginners and those who don’t know exactly how they want to play, the Romans are ideal.

Special Features

* Simultaneous construction of resource fields and buildings
* Higher defense bonus from city wall
* Merchants can carry 500 resources (speed: 16 fields/hour)
* Extremely powerful infantry, mediocre cavalry,
* Training is long and expensive.

The Gauls

The Gauls are the most peace-loving of all the tribes. Their units are well-trained in defensive tactics, but their offense is lacking in comparison to the other tribes. Gauls are born riders, and their horses are legendary for their speed, allowing them to move quickly and surprise their foes.

This tribe is relatively easy to defend, but an offensive play style is also quite possible. It offers the possibility to go in every strategic direction (offensive or defensive doctrine, lone wolf or helper in emergencies, infantry- or cavalry-based, settler or conqueror), so anything is doable for a skilled player, but also good for beginners!

Special Features

* Speed bonus: Fastest units in the game
* Moderate defense bonus from the Palisade
* Merchants can carry 750 resources (speed: 24 fields/hour)
* Double cranny size (raid protection)
* Expensive siege weapons
* Cheap settlers

The Teutons

The Teutons are the most offensive of all the tribes. Teutonic warriors are dreaded everywhere because of their berserker rage in battle. They are the pillaging hordes roaming the lands, completely unafraid of death.

Because the Teutons lack the military discipline of the Gauls and Romans, they are somewhat slower and weaker than other troops. For offense-minded and experienced players, the Teutons are a great choice!

Special Features

* Pillaging bonus: Enemy crannies only hide 2/3
* The earth wall is almost indestructible, but offers little defense
* Merchants can carry 1000 resources (speed: 12 fields/hour)
* Unequivocally cheap, fastest produced, and the best carrying capacity troops
* Weak in defense

Now something to make your game of Travian easier and better.
Scripts to help you play!!! How?

First, you need to use Mozilla Firefox as your browser

Second, you need to install Grease Monkey Add-OnNow is time to take Travian on to next level.

Best script for Travian is Travian Beyond

When you try this script you will never go back playing Travian without it. It is not a cheat script, it is big, big help for you that will save you lots of clicks.

You want to take your game even further??? How about Travian Bot?

What this bot can do for you? Well, it can be you and you can have free time. Here is quick list of things that Travian Bot can do:

1. Travian – auto Attacks
Bot attack all players around, all time without stops:-) and therefore brings much resources
(especially for a night)
Set the list of villages which will be attacked by turn and kinds of soldiers with which attack :-)
Also it is possible to use for automatic attacks, reinforcements, instead of the timer,
send many attacks in 1 second, etc.
Work nice if you have many villages too.

2. Travian – auto Build
Bot able to build buildings itself
The list is set what to build and it tries to construct it every 5 minutes.
It is better even than turn in travian-plus since it will construct that is necessary
as soon as will collect resouces, then the following, etc.
Can auto-Destroy buildings also.
Autobuild work in all you villages at the same time.

3. Travian – auto Logs (command center Minister of Defence)
Bot itself watches all military actions of an alliance, an attack and scouts,
on the members of the Alliance and the against enemies.
Itself shows how many the soldiers has attacked, how many lost, whether were catapults, how many resources have dragged off, etc.
Conveniently for the subsequent studying and the analysis. There is a system of filters and sortings.
For example it is possible to rise and see in the morning that was created at night or for the last few Days:-)

4. Travian – auto Transport (Transfer resources)
Bot able to send itself resources from village to village
It is very necessary when there are many villages.
For example it is possible resources to drive all in capital automatically, or crop to comrades, etc.
Can send resources when have too much resources >80%, etc.

5. Travian – auto Population (watch behind the population)
Bot able to watch growth of the population and to show in a cut of 24 hours of day
For example it is possible to learn when the enemy sleeps, etc.:)
6. Travian – auto Soldiers (build soldiers)
Bot able to build soldiers, horses, rams, catapults, chiefs, settlers, etc. For example it is possible to build new soldiers every 5 minuts, at night, etc.
Available build army in Great barracks and Great Stable.
Can auto-Upgrade weapons and armory.
Can doing Celebrations and Great Celebrations automatic.

7. Attacks – Alerter
Bot able to check automatically all villages somebody attacks whether or not
When there will be an attack on village a bot informs about it a signal,
sending ICQ and e-mail messages.
Bot informs you with editable text, with info about number of attacks
and the time till arrival of the next attack.
Can save troops (send reinforcement and back it) and save resources when attack coming.

8. Attack – Coordinator
Bot can start attack at need time, or attack enemy at attack-time, or attack from many villages
at the same time, etc.

9. Game map
Bot have own game map in bot with much settings, very beautifully and useful :)
Own villages, enemies, friends – bot show with different colors
Also can find 15-crop villages, 9-crop and others.

Teuton strategy guide

Most successful teutons start out similar to this.

Teuton is my favourite tribe and the one I have played most often. The reason I like teutons is that it’s a very aggressive tribe and it really favours the active player. Like I’ve mentioned before in the introduction guide, you should start out about 3 days after the server has started, so that you can start raiding quicker and so that you’re not put in the middle of everyone else.

Get the rewards
If you play on a server where there is a quest reward system I suggest following that untill you’re at the last part of it. That way is quicker than starting out farming right away cause of all the resources it gives you. It actually gives you close to 6000 resources total and farming can’t beat that, since you in either case would have to wait longer before you can start farming with the new rules, not getting the resources from homeland anymore. The last part of the reward system is where you’re supposed to extend all fields to level two, and I don’t think teutons should do that untill they find themself in desperate need of the NPC merchant. It costs a lot to extend everything to level two and it’s much better to put those resources into clubs. If you buy gold, don’t do it at all untill you’ve got your second village.

Throughout this guide I will state some goals you should try to reach before you move on instead of using like day 2, day 3 and so forth, as it depends a lot on the area you land in how fast you’re able to grow the first days.

clubman3 clubs
From your first three clubs are ready you should be raiding and building clubs non stop. Just farm all the villages around you that are low in population with 2-3 clubs each. When players have used the reward system to get a rat as defence you’ll need 3 clubs to kill it without losses, so send 3 in your first attack. As soon as you get the report you send another raid at them assuming you got max the previous raid, if not let them rest for some time, the bigger the population the shorter time you let them rest as bigger populations usually means more resource fields built, and thus a quicker production of resources. I think you should aim for about 50 clubs before you start worrying about other farming players out there. If anyone attacks you during this time don’t bother attacking them back, just make sure you have all your clubs out and that you’ve spent all your resources so they get nothing. Make sure however that you remember who attacked you and their army size.

When it comes to the barracks you should increase it’s level whenever you have a 2-3 hours building que in it. You’ll need a higher level barracks if you’re playing normal server, since building times are three times as long. Granary and warehouse should be upgraded as needed. Better to have them too large than too small.

50 clubs
Now it is time that you take a look around your 7×7 and figure out who else has an raiding army out there. Don’t mind the romans and gauls, just look at the teutons for now. Hopefully you’ll have the biggest army at this point, but you have to use it wisely. You have to destroy your competitors army by attacking them, don’t use your clubs to defend with even if you have enough to kill off the attacking force. Your raiding army is your bread and butter, you need it to raid and grow with, don’t waste them unless you can kill a competitors clubs with it in one attack. The best way to do this in my opinion is to counter attacks made on you. I’ve written more about that in my combat guide, but a short summary here.

When you see an incoming attack on you from another teuton, save up your clubs at home untill 39 seconds before they arrive. Then send your clubs out on an attack somewhere, and 20 seconds later you cancel your attack so they come back just 1 second after your enemy has attacked you. As soon as they arrive home you send them on an attack towards an enemy. If you do this efficiently you can manage to land your attack at your enemy just a couple of seconds after his army returns and maybe catch them all at home if you’re lucky. It is not as easy as attacking your enemy with faster troops, but when both armies have the same speed it’s the only way to do it.

100 clubs
At about 100 clubs I usually build up my academy and get about 5 scouts. With the scouts you can raid more efficiently and I’ll use the first one to find out whether the romans and gauls in my area with high population have troops or not. You can also use them to scout enemy teutons but beware that you most likely won’t see their whole army as it’s usually out raiding. You should also have at least one scout at home all the time so that you notice scout attempts, which you’ll increase as you get more scouts. I tend to build one more scout for every 10 clubs untill I have 200 clubs.

200 clubs
As you work your way towards 200 clubs I suggest starting the infrastructure for your first party if you play on a speed server. You only need one party on a speed server to get your second village, and if things work out well you should be able to have this party around day 3. I’d advice you to keep building clubs at the same time, but don’t increase your barracks level more in this period. After you get the party going start building your residence to level 10 and then settlers. Make sure you never have your settlers at home when you’re not there to watch them, it really hurts having one of them killed in an attack. On a speed server you should be able to have a second city on day four as long as you don’t face too much trouble with your neighbour teutons.

If you play on a normal speed server, don’t mind the party infrastructure untill you reach at least 200 clubs. If you start partying too early you’ll need 3 of them to get your second city, and you probably won’t have enough income to run those 3 right after each other. And there is no use in running one and then having to wait, as you could just as well have waited starting the first one. I usually build the level 10 mainbuilding first, as it’s cheap, then I put up the level 10 academy, then level 1 townhall and then level 10 residence. After I’ve done this I just let it stand there and gather culture points for me untill I have a large enough raid income to run the party and build the settlers without much deadtime in between. I usually have about 400 clubs at the time I build my second village on a normal server.

A few tips on where to put your second village. If you’re using gold and/or are playing on a normal server a 15 cropper is the way to go. A cropper will produce more total resources than any other city cause of the bonus buildings, and it will also be a better base for big armies, so if you use gold you should always chose a 15 cropper. If you’re playing on a normal server you should also always chose a 15 cropper as it’s too hard supporting a big army from a 6444 city with normal resource production. Troops eat as much on a normal server, but you production is only one third of speed. When you get your second city on a normal server you stop producting troops in your first city and build it in your second city, the 15 cropper, instead. That’s why you shouldn’t research anything in your first city apart from scouts, since you’ll have to do it all over again in your second one anyways. A 6444 can easily support a pretty big army on speed, so it’s more up to you there. If you play on speed and don’t use gold, you can chose a 6444 if you wish, but at least city number 4 or 5 has to be a 15 cropper.

Village number 2
When you’ve got village number two it’s time for you to start upgrading your resource fields. Don’t let your army production stop while doing this though, the army will still be by far your largest income of resources, but getting some resource fields built up now is important too. The less active you are the more important the resource fields are as they keep producing even when you sleep. Resource fields are more important on the speed server as the production there are 3 times the one you get on a normal server while travel times are only twice as fast. On a normal server raiding is more important and your own production is less important. If you use gold, start with upgrading crop to 5, then clay and wood to 4, and then iron to 4. After this keeping them at the same level is the way to go, apart from running one of each to 10 when you got them all at 7 to get the bonus building. If you don’t use gold you have to look at what resource you need the most and upgrade in relation to that, don’t let the resource fields of the same type get more than one level apart though.

At the same time as you upgrade resource fields you should go for paladins when you need them. This is something you have to evaluate yourself, but the more treaths you have closer to you the quicker you should go for them. I prefer getting paladins before starting to build axes, and if I’m in a real easy area I’ll wait till I have close to 500 clubs. I usually don’t start building axes untill I have at least 600 clubs and about 100 paladins, but it’s the same rule for this, if you have many threaths close to you, you should get them faster. It’s important that you try to get your 21×21 under control now, and you have to use the means necessary. If you start facing too much enemy cavallery you have to start getting the defensive spears too, but I’ve hardly ever done that this early myself. You can’t keep running parties and getting more cities if you can’t defend them. As a teuton being the dominant player and keeping your neighbourhood under control is very important. You don’t want those romans and gauls getting cavallery, and you don’t want other teutons raiding your farms either.

On a speed server what you need to do is to keep building your armies as well as having parties going 24/7 in all of your cities. As soon as you get enough culture you’ll build a new city. You should chose a 15 cropper as your capital and build a lot of support city around that one. In one of the cities beside it you’ll have your main army with barracks and stables producing troops 24/7. When you get 15 cities or so around it, you’ll need great barracks and great stables there as well. At this point you’ll also get chiefs and start conquering cities instead of building them. Eventually you also start building defense in cities you don’t need for offense and work towards end game.

On a normal server you’ll do the same thing, but the parties are less important, as you won’t have enough production to keep them running in all your cities. Here you’ll get most of your culture from buildings. Having a high level embassy in all your cities is real nice for this. The embassy trick is usefull in speed servers too. I like having the capital as my army base in normal servers, as I can’t really support 24/7 production in great barracks and stables on this type of servers unless I have like 40 cities or so. If my army gets destroyed somehow I might put up great barracks and stables in one of the support cities to get it back quick if I have enough production.

Strategy guide for aggressive raiding roman players.

The Roman tribe is a very interesting one, and for some reason everyone advice new players to go for romans. I really wonder why, I can’t see why it would be the easiest one to play. Usually most new players who chose roman as their tribe just become farms right away. I’m not saying roman is a bad tribe, it’s just played far too passively by many players in my opinion.

Get the rewards
In all my guides I say that you should start following the rewards program first. If you don’t have that on your server, you just build whatever you need to get the homeland bonus, then lvl 3 main building, granary, warehouse, marketplace, rally point and barracks. No need to build up all the fields then, and even if you have the reward bonus on the server, quit after quest number 21 and don’t build all the fields to level two, it’s a waste of resources. You can do that later when you really need the extra gold you get for it, and if you don’t need the gold just wait with it till you have your second village.

Let’s look at the roman basic foot soldier for a bit, the imperian. 40 offense, 35 infantry defense and 50 cavalry defense. The cavalry defense is pretty useless at the start of the server, 35 infantry defense is pretty good though. Having 40 offense it’s definitely a stronger troop when it comes to pure fighting than the famous teuton clubs. It’s much worse in raiding though, only being able to carry 2/3 of the resources and walking slower. It also costs 440 resources compared to a club swinger costing only 250. Cause of all this you can’t compete with a teuton from the start.

So what do you do? I suggest laying low and avoiding strong teutons from the start. They will attack you, but just be active enough so that they never catch your troops or get any resources from you. They will be busy farming and probably not notice you as you’ll be building troops and your population won’t grow very much at all from the start. Your legionnaires are too expensive to lose in fights with teutons at this point, so here is your first goal as a roman.

leg2 legionnaires
From the time you have 2 legionnaires you start farming 24/7 with them, but be careful, you don’t wanna loose even a single one of them. If you’re playing on quest reward server make sure you attack players with 15 or more population with 3 or more troops the first time to avoid losses. As soon as you get the battle report you’ll attack again assuming you got max.

Keep building more legionnaires 24/7 and keep them out raiding all the time, never have them at home when you’re not online. Even if they defend fairly well you don’t want to loose them, this is not the time to kill other peoples armies, you’ll wait with that till later. You also don’t want any large teuton in the neighborhood noticing you and attack you more frequently cause of that. Stay under the radar and pretend you’re just an inactive farm.

I usually don’t build anything but troops in this period, but it’s ok to build up some more crop fields if it makes you feel safer. As a roman you also need a cranny as teutons will be raiding you, and you don’t want to loose all your crops when your crop production is negative, as you’ll then loose some of your precious troops. You will be negative in crop production if you play my style, but it’s no problem as long as your active.

100 legionnaires
Yes, I know it sounds like a lot, but I believe it is necessary. Legionnaires farm much slower than clubs and to support the building of infrastructure for your EIs(equites imperatoris) you’ll need a large farming income. If your area is an exceptionally good one, and you get close to max in each of your raids I guess you can do with 60-70 or so, but then you have to be very active. You don’t want to spend too much time building up the academy and stables, as you’ll then be too far behind in troops.

What about imperians you might say? Most romans seem to go for imperians first after all. I believe this is a big mistake. What do you need these imperians for now? They are better raiders than the legionnaires that’s true, and it costs less resources to build buildings and research them, but compared to EIs they are crap at this point. Who will you be facing in your battles now? Teautons with clubs, and the EIs are way way better than imperians fighting clubs. They can counter atttack clubs easily, they can kill them almost without losses and they can’t be countered by club armies themselves as they are twice as fast as clubs. They are also better raiders than imperians in general even if there are no teutons at all close to you.

When you’ve got those EIs you can start having fun, now you’re gonna start hitting those teutons around you over and over, counter any attacks they make with their clubs, just look at the combat guide on how to do that well, and kill all of their troops. It feels really good to retaliate on someone who’s been attacking you before, doesn’t it? They may start building spears and hinder you, but this will take them a long time, and spears are defensive units that they can’t really raid efficiently with. While you’re farming and attacking teutons with your EIs you’ll keep farming the other villages in the area with your legionnaires.

ei20 equites imperatoris
As soon as you have 15-20 EIs you should go build a hero mansion and get a hero EI. You’ll boost his offense points and he’ll hopefully be levelling fast killing all those clubs. If you happen to run out of teutons to kill off in your 21×21 just use your EIs to farm the other villages in the area. If you don’t have scouts already now you better research them now, usually I reasearch scouts as soon as I’ve got the prerequisites for it, at the 100 legionnaires point that is.

Just keep raiding and farming building EIs non stop, any extra resources will be put into crop fields as you’ll have a massive negative crop production by now. The other fields are not that important but let them follow 2-3 levesls behind. When your crop fields reach level 5 or so, start putting extra resources into party and second village infrastructure, take a look at other guides if you don’t know how.

100 equites imperatoris
I am usually at around 100 EIs at the time I found my second city, and I’ll probably have enough culture points without holding a party on speed, on a normal server maybe one party is needed.

The same ideas of where to put your second village goes for any tribe really. If you’re using gold and/or are playing on a normal server a 15 cropper is the way to go. A cropper will produce more total resources than any other city cause of the bonus buildings, and it will also be a better base for big armies, so if you use gold you should always chose a 15 cropper. If you’re playing on a normal server you should also always chose a 15 cropper as it’s too hard supporting a big army from a 6444 city with normal resource production. Troops eat as much on a normal server, but you production is only one third of speed. When you get your second city on a normal server you stop producting troops in your first city and build it in your second city, the 15 cropper, instead. That’s why you shouldn’t research anything in your first city apart from scouts, since you’ll have to do it all over again in your second one anyways.

A 6444 can easily support a pretty big army on speed, so it’s more up to you there. If you play on speed and don’t use gold, you can chose a 6444 if you wish, but at least city number 4 or 5 has to be a 15 cropper.

Village number 2
Now when you’ve got your second village it’s time to upgrade more of those resource fields. You should also take the time to research imperians. No reason to stop raiding with your legionnaires, but imperians are much better raiders and you should start building those in your barracks now. How you balance the production of imperians versus EIs depends a lot on what your neighbourhood looks like. If there are a lot of teutons with clubs and axes left to be killed go for more EIs, if there are more romans, gauls and teutons with spear defenses go for more imperians.

Onwards now you just keep up raiding and dominating your neighbourhood, build up a bigger army and upgrade your resource fields. On a speed server you have to be partying all the time, while on a normal server it’s better to go for culture buildings like the embassy. Don’t rush researching EC (equites caesaris), they are not that good raiders, they are expensive and they are to be used for your main offense army later in the game.

Gaul strategy guide

After playing gauls quite a bit lately on many different servers I’ve started enjoying them more and more. Especially on a speed servers it’s a lot of fun raiding with their extremely fast raiding troops, the theutates thunders, TTs for short. Being able to reach anyone in your whole 21×21 in 20 minutes is simply quite awesome. I’ve also found it very easy to catch people with armies at home using the gaul’s fast TTs as your enemy don’t see you coming before it’s too late. On one of the servers I played I was overdoing it though, and killed like 2000 troops around me before even starting with infrastructure for city number 2. Not the best way to play, but a whole lot of fun. And sorry to all my victims, it was nothing personal.

This guide is meant for players who can be very active the first week or so of the server, and the number of troops as well as time lines reflect that.

Start at server day 1
With gauls I think you should start out when the server starts, or a few hours after it starts, as you don’t want the teutons to have too many paladins or spears when you start hitting them with your TTs. Last time I started one day late on a speed server, and I lost many more troops than I had to cause of paladins and spears.

Build phalanxes to raid with
Anyways, how do you get to these amazing TTs fast? Phalanxes are horrible raiders after all and you don’t want to be stuck with those for too long. I’ve been discussing this with many people on several forums and the general consensus is that you should start out with a number of phalanxes to raid with. That is as soon as you are done with the reward program, if you have that in your server. Take the market place route, as you’ll need that to convert resources with the NPC merchant. After you get the market place, build rally and barracks and start building troops.

As soon as you have 4 phalanxes you should start raiding inactives, if you’re on a server with the reward program, only raid players with less than 9 population, so you’re sure you won’t run into that rat. You need to make 11 raids or more with the phalanxes to make them profitable so you don’t want to kill them on rats. Half a day or so out of beginner protection, if you have some teutons around you, you could try raiding players with less than 20 pop, as the teutons probably already took care of the rat.

Train as many phalanx raiders as needed
How many phalanxes you train to raid with before you start going for resource fields is hard to say, it depends on what your neighbourhood looks like. You want as many phalanxes as needed to empty all the small inactives in your 13×13, but not more than that. Small inactives being anyone under 20 in population, or under 9 population if you wanna be on the safe side. Last speed server I just went for 20 phalanxes before I started with resources, as that was all I needed.

Build resource fields and cranny if needed
Those phalanxes won’t give you the income you need to get the TTs fast on a speed server, so you’ll want to build some resource fields now. How far you extend your resource fields before you start with TT infrastructure depends on how good your neighbourhood is for farming. With 20 phalanxes raiding, get half your fields to lvl 4 and half to lvl 3. With 40 phalanxes raiding all of them to lvl 3 should be enough. If you’re being raided frequently by teutons you also need to build up your cranny so they don’t get anything, and make sure you don’t have your army at home at any time. You’re not gonna fight teutons with phalanxes, wait till you get TTs to do that.

ttInfrastructure and researching theutates thunders
This is the hardest part of the guide, as it takes quite a few resource to build buildings and research the TTs, about 17000 total actually. You need stable level 3, blacksmith level 3 and academy level 5 before you can research them. Holding 2200 lumber at one time to do the research might be tricky, if you’re getting raided a lot you need to build a pretty big cranny. Hopefully you’ve done well keeping no rescourses at home for raiders before so that the number of raids you get on you will be limited. With this guide I belive you can get TTs in about 50-55 hours if everything goes real smooth. I had to spend 65 hours last time loosing too many phalanxes in my raids, but even if you have to spend 3 whole days (72 hours), it’s still very good.

After you get the TTs things are starting to get more fun. Now you can take revenge on those annoying teutons who might have been raiding you over and over. If any of them attack you now, make sure you dodge the attack and counter it. Don’t go to crazy with attacking the teutons around you though, don’t attack if it’ll cost you more than 1/3 of your total troops, and make sure you have a steady increase in TTs even when fighting the teutons. Trying to get control of your neighbourhood is important, but you have to keep your raiding income up while doing so. Just lay off the teutons who have a lot of spears, it’s not worth killing those at this point.

Second village
As a gaul you’ll take quite a bit longer time before founding your second village compared to teutons. That’s ok though, there’s no reason to rush it too much. It’s hard to set an exact point when it should be done, as there are so many factors to consider, but as a general guideline I’d say it is when you have about 100-150 TTs and a pretty good control of your close neighbourhood, the 13×13. If things go well this should be about day 6 on the server. I usually go for a 15 cropper as my second village but then you should be willing to use some gold at the NPC from the start. There is more about this in my other strategy articles.

From here on I start building myself a nice army of swordsmen as well as keeping up the TT production in my stable.

Guide how to send Multiple Waved Attacks

Many new players are shocked when they see multiple attacks landing on them at the same second. They will many times call this “scripting” and say it’s a bot. However, in most cases it isn’t, and is actually just a player using one of the methods to send multiple waves. In this guide I will go over the 3 methods:

Multiple Windows
Multiple Tabs and Ctrl + Tab
Multiple Tabs and Offline Browsing

All 3 methods start out the same:

1. Select the village you want to attack:

Then from here you can either:

1. Ctrl + W to open multiple windows
2. Ctrl + T to open multiple tabs

Personally I prefer the tab methods. They are not only faster to set up but easier to set up. They also allow you to send more waves quicker in my opinion. So I’m not going to really put much effort into showing pictures for that. The only difference between tabs and waves is with tabs you just make the tabs, set up the attacks, and send. Using windows you need to make the windows, set up the attacks, then make the screen small so only the “OK” button shows and put them all next to one another so you can move from left to right in rapid succession to send the waves.

So instead I’m going to continue to give the basic steps for the 2 Tab methods:

2. Once you have chosen the village you are sending to and have opened enough tabs equivalent to how many waves you want to send. Then set up the attacks like normal in every tab and click “OK”:

Note: When setting up waves keep in mind that you can only send as many troops as you actually have. So when you have, for example, 10,000 imperians, 2500 EC, 500 rams, and 1000 catas, you would probably send a small escort with each cata wave. Say you’re hitting a capital and are putting 250 catas per wave. That means you will have 4 waves. I normally send 50-100 infantry as escorts, so your waves, in my example here, will look like this:

Wave 1: 9850 imperians, 2500 EC, 500 rams, 250 catas
Wave 2: 50 imperians, 250 catas
Wave 3: 50 imperians, 250 catas
Wave 4: 50 imperians, 250 catas

Sometimes when using the Tab methods you will click extremely fast and so you may have random troops being sent out by mistake. Why? This is because from clicking so fast the server sometimes registers 1 tab as 2 clicks because you as a person is just trying to cycle through the tabs as fast as possible and hit “OK” as many times as possible to send your waves close together. Make sure that if this happens to call those lone troops back – you wouldn’t want 50 imperians randomly dying or some stray catas being sent out due to such a mistake.

Now, for the next steps after setting up your waves:

3a. If you are using the Ctrl + Tab method, then once your attacks are set up use Ctrl + Tab and click “OK” as fast as possible to get your troops sent out in as close of waves as possible.

3b. If you are using the Offline Browsing Tab method, then on the confirm screen, open the file menu and select “Work Offline”:

4. Click “OK” on all tabs once again and you will get this error:

5. Go back to “File” and uncheck “Work Offline” to connect Firefox to the internet again:

6. Right-click on the TAB bar and select “reload all tabs”:

7. You will get this error; just hold down enter on your keyboard:

8. All your attacks within one second:

Yes, that is 21 attacks per second. It’s my personal record when using the Offline Browsing method.

Hope this guide will help all players become a better player by teaching them the methods for sending multiple waves.

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