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  1. Sanny Derpeet says:

    real deal!!! just registered and movie is 1080p as stated. best batman in series for sure!

  2. DuffyKey says:

    thanks for this, it is great to have this good copy so much before usa premiere

  3. Amana says:

    this movie is so fckin great i will see it one more time

  4. DrogbaCheelsea says:

    thanks you for this, i couldnt believe that copy can be that good already

  5. NinaMoloch says:

    thumbs p, i am your registered user, all copies are so great

  6. David Greek says:

    is there any chance you will have hobbit soon?

  7. Lona says:

    Movie is awsomeeeee!

  8. sloan says:

    best movie ever, this stupid killer made it even more popular! thank you very much for such a great quality

  9. Dragan says:

    Hvala na filmu, odlična kopija, gde ste ovo ukrali neznam ali hvala još jednom

  10. mixera22 says:

    du te konne wi li batman !!!!!!!! thanks

  11. Liraa says:

    hahahahaha, thanks you i wanted 1080p for my new panasonic tv and now i have it

  12. kannah says:

    this is great copy, thanks to uploader

  13. Alsono says:

    finally, englsh copy, thanks!

  14. DjabronaTw says:

    OOOOO, i was waiting for this one for so long time

  15. LaKus890 says:


  16. Snatrimo says:

    Thank, thanks, thanks, great movie

  17. Wikee says:

    😀 i found it now, thanks

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